​The D.O.C.
Sa Prize (Fuck Tha Police - Part 2)
*Phone rings*
Sgt. Kicka**: Police Department, Sgt. Kicka** speaking
The D.O.C.: Yeah, uh, Kicka**, hey it's me again
Sgt. Kicka**: Hold on... hold on a f**kin' minute!
*door opens, then closes*
Sgt. Kicka**: What the f**k is your problem? I told you not to call me here! This better be some good sh*t
The D.O.C.: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got a big one, it's going down tonight. B-B-B-But it's gonna cost you two thousand
Sgt. Kicka**: Wha, you cluckerin' motherfu--
The D.O.C.: Listen if you wanna make the deal, you fat motherf**ker! It's at 477 Savona Way, 4 A.M.! And don't f**k me!
*phone hangs up*
[Police 1]
Hey I don't feel good about this one man
[Police 2]
Hey we been f**kin' doin' this for 10 years and we haven't been caught yet
[Police 1]
Yeah I just don't know about this one
[Police 2]
Hey just shut the f**k up and pa** me a donut

*phone rings*
[Dr. Dre]
Yeah, what's happening?
Hey what's up Dre?
[Dr. Dre]
Ayo Doc, what's happenin' man, you hook that sh*t up with 5-0?
Oh I hooked that sh*t up man, this sh*t's jumpin' off tonight
It oughta be happenin' at 4 in the morning
[Dr. Dre]
Ah alright, we got somethin' for their a**
[Police 1]
Quiet... quiet... Sgt. said this was gonna be pretty easy
[Police 2]
Yeah, but never underestimate those f**king n***ers
[Police 1]
Alright are you ready?
[Police 2]
Yeah, I'm as ready as I'll ever be
[Police 1]
Alright, on 3
1... 2... 3!
*door busts open*
[Both Police 1 and 2]
Shoot that motherf**ker!
[Dr. Dre]
That's mothaf**kin' police
Punk mothafunka

F**k the police! F**k, f**k, f**k the police!
[F**k them motherf**kers!]
F**k, f**k, f**k the police!
[The big payback] You're motherf**king right, yo

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre]
F**k the motherf**king police!
They don't want peace, they want a n***a deceased
So he'll cease to be a problem, and by the way the perform
It seems the Klan gave the white police another uniform
And yo the black police, the house n***as
They gave you a motherf**king gun, so I guess you figure
You made out, good to go, but you didn't know
They would stick your black a** back in the ghetto, yo
To kill another n***a, catch him with crack, in fact
Freebase - they put in the neighborhood in the first place
But the brothers ain't stupid, remember that
You got a gat, I got a gat, so wha**up with that
A to the motherf**kin K
The last words you hear, then the smoke appears
Tears, from your motherf**kin family
They're starin at me, but I'm goin gun happy, f**k 'em!
Shootin everything in sight tonight's the night to get hyped
And fight for what's wrong, f**k what's right!
And by the way, my name is Dre
So listen up motherf**ker to what I gotta say, yo

(Now for the first episode)

Yeah that sh*t's hittin man, where the volume at?
Hold-up, hold-up, hold-up, one-time, one-time, one-time
Put the joint out! Put the joint out!
Hey you motherf**kers want to step out of the car?
Don't you know it's against the law to play music so god damn loud?
Shut the f**k up! Go to jail? Or gimme that sh*t you was just smoking

Motherf**kers from high crime areas view the police as a threat
And that's some sh*t you betta not forget

[Verse 2: Eazy-E]
Eazy E's the name feared by most
When, a lil n***a is thrown in the pen
But on the streets there's two kinds of people
White rich f**ks and the ones who get hara**ed like me
Pull over to the side, routine for me
Tearin' up my sh*t, like they lookin for a key of cocaine
But they never find the sh*t
Ain't got nuttin better to do and nobody else to f**k wit
Thinkin' everything is stolen
But can't face facts that a young black n***a's just rollin
Making more money than they ever make
Taking more sh*t than they ever take
Yo pigs are made to kill, and no regret and
Keep your hand on your weapon shoot his a** and start steppin
Cause I'm a n***a that don't give a f**k about nothin
So let me explain a lil somethin, yo

See, I got this problem, a big problem...
Cops don't like me, so I don't like motherf**king cops


Episode Two:
Get out of the f**kin car!
Wait a god damn minute what the hell did I do?
Hey just shut the f**k up black b*t*h
Wait a minute, you ain't gotta be pullin me by my motherf**kin hair! Let
Go of my motherf**kin hair!
Hey just step the f**k back and shut up!
Get your motherf**kin' hands off of me!
Calm down, calm down now... listen, we're gonna go around this corner, and
You're gonna suck me and my partner's d**ks, or you're gonna
Be one black dead n***a b*t*h

[The D.O.C.]
Police brutality is common in my neighborhood
That's why I hate them motherf**kers

[Verse 3: MC Ren]
I said f**k the police but with a little more force
And maybe now I get my point across
It's a ma**acre goin on, just open your eyes and look
Everyday a young n***a is took
Off the face of the street by a police
It's like they gotta a n***a chained on a short leash
You can't leave out the city that they shacked up
Cause if you do that's the right they got you jacked up
It's embara**in because you know they justice, but all you can do
Is say f**k this, because if you move, that's all she wrote
So what's the excuse to shoot, or they rather stomp your head
Til you're dead with the steel-toe boot
Hara**in me with some kind of mind game
Actin like a n***a just was born with a gang-name
You call that right but when you're black there's no right
Some recreational sh*t was only a gang fight
So shootin at the cops was a street thing
To waste time as we slanged off the cocaine
But everything was done just for peace
To retaliate, on the f**kin police, so I'm sayin


(The final episode)

Episode Three:
Hey Juan, look at the piece of a** man
Watch out watch out watch out homes!
Oh sh*t man you f**ked up, you hit a police car
I didn't see that piece of caca!
Better act like you don't speak ingles homes
What the f**k? Get your a** out of there, I've had enough
Of your raggedy a** motherf**king sh*t!
Oh man no me pegues! por que me pegas? No! por favor no! No! Por que?

[Hook x2]

Chinga tu pinche madre, pinche policias weyes, pendejos, salvajes, culeros