​The D.O.C.
Still Talkin’ (Remix)
The bad guys are coming
We're all talkin' sh*t now
I ain't gonna miss this

[Intro: Ice Cube +(Dr.Dre)]
Remix my black a**
(Heh heh heh heh, hey man, that little n***a gettin' his a** whipped)
Wait...this sh*t sound familiar
(Hey, hey wait a minute goddammit it that the only thing y'all motherf**kers know how to play?)
Flip it on the B-side motherf**kers!
(Been playin' that sh*t all night)

[Verse 1]
Easily I approach
The microphone because I ain't no joke
Tell your momma to get off of my tip
I have no time to give her my d**k
I'm gonna hold it, and walk around the stage and
If you f**k up I'm goin' to get my gauge and
Unload the barrel and laugh
'Cause I'm puttin' lead in your mothaf**kin' a**
Psychopathic, but the hoes are attracted
Because when I'm on hard, my d**k's at least a yard
In the days of old, I was a nut
Now I'll need at least 3 hoes when I f**k
'Cause I do a check—nut 1, nut 2
Then I save a nut for when there's nothin' else to do
Get used to the crew, b*t*h, 'cause I would never quit
As soon as you think that's it, I'm still talkin' sh*t

[Interlude: Ice Cube + (Dr. Dre)]
Ain't that a b*t*h
(Ain't that a b*t*h)
Motherf**ker you need yo little a** whooped
(Quit blowin' smoke in my damn face motherf**ker)
Boy, boy, say something I won't listen to

Eazy (Eazy), The E-A-Z-Y-E
If it sounds complicated then read the marquee
Ruthless (Ruthless), label me or label my label
A cable for the b*t*hes and n***as I throw in ditches
Smoke 'em (Smoke 'em), it ain't nothing for me to kill 'em
And carry 'em, to the grave, recite and then I bury 'em
Making sure I create enough space
To drop his a** in while I'm dropping this motherf**kin' ba**
[Interlude: Ice Cube + (Dr. Dre)]
I still can do the Mashed Potato motherf**ker!
What can you do?
(I thought you said you were from Compton, Michigan
Ain't no such thing as Compton, Michigan motherf**ker you lied to me)
N***a Compton, California motherf**ker

[Verse 2]
I got a fable that you need to listen to
It's a funky little rhyme about a b*t*h or a two
One's Sharon, the other one Shaun
I wanted to nut, but which one do I want?
Shaun said, "Eazy, let me f**k you blind"
And Sharon said, "E, I want to blow your mind"
I said f**k it, I know what should be done
Just pull your panties down and I'll f**k the biggest one
And then I get the other pu**y, put it in the freezer (freezer)
So I can always have a on-hold skeezer (skeezer)
Yeah, that's the ticket, I'll do it like that
So I told the hoes to take a big step back
Took the zipper down, eyes wide, and said
"Here's what I'm gonna put inside"
Grab it like a rabbit (grab it), let's work it (work it)
But I won't love you—when I'm done, I'll still be talkin' sh*t ...

[Interlude: Ice Cube + (Dr. Dre)]
This remind me of that old [?] joint Miss Mabel had, you could have all the fat b*t*hes you want, and I have a goddamn [?]
F**k it (f**k it), the new, the old, the ordinary
Obviously, you can't hang with my commentary
I don't give a f**k what's up, you wanna get up?
Nope, cause you a sucker motherf**ker
Dre kicks the ba**, and I talk sh*t
That's it, that's all
Because to call a b*t*h a b*t*h, you gotta have balls
Slap a hoe across the face, and talk sh*t to the motherf**kin' kick, of the motherf**kin' ba**

[Interlude: Ice Cube + (Dr. Dre)]
Didn't I tell you that n***a was crazy
Remind me of that [?] motherf**ker
Y'know he sayin' howdy, howdy, howdy, howdy, howw
(Get yo motherf**ker hands off me motherf**ker)
You back off you ugly motherf**ker
(Suck my d**k)
Lick my balls motherf**ker!
(Wait a minute, wait a minute, cut this dumb sh*t
Ayo Yella Boy, why don't you rewind it)

[Verse 3: Eazy-E]
N***as don't see I'm a 100 percent legit
And you know it ain't about all that bullsh*t
It's about f**kin' this b*t*h and that b*t*h
But not the b*t*h with the 7 day itch, like that ho' (that ho')
Just throwin' me the pu**y (pu**y)
She says she wants to do it like a doggy (doggy)
She's bad, nobody is badder
But she got more crabs than a seafood platter (platter)
B*t*h on the gank move (gank move), to skeaze me
Just to say "I got f**ked by Eazy" (Eazy)
So I slapped the ho' like a pimp
I might be a woman-beater but I'm not a pu**y-eater
So when the sh*t hits the fan, it's outta my mouth (my mouth)
You don't like what I'm talkin' about? (about)
All of y'all can just suck my d**k
You could quote me now 'cause I'm still talkin' sh*t

[Outro: Ice Cube + (Dr. Dre) + Eazy-E]
This ain't no CP Hill, motherf**ker
This sound like that Parliament Funk [?]
Yo yo, watch me do this
*piano notes*
Ester, I'm coming to see ya honey
That boy Eazy, and the n***a on the side, you know, that right around the corner from him
(Damn lie)
The n***a be livin' around the corner
(You be talkin' too much sh*t)
N***a, I was in 3 World Wars, n***a
(Motherf**ker I knew the n***a when he was knee high)
I'm still talkin sh*t!
I used to court the motherf**ker, I used to change his sh*tty a** diapers
(That's a damn lie)
He ain't lyin'
Put 'em up motherf**ker, put 'em up
(Put 'em up)
C'mon motherf**ker
You better cut that old sh*t out, or I'll come over and pee on one y'all motherf**kers
Yeah, ain't nothing but a goddamn thang on my slang, I can rap, look
Rabba dabba slabba, ey, and if you want something else, buy the album b*t*h