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Dylan Ross

"Dirge Of The Flagellati"

R O double Z. Purp D O double G
Kicking the drama like 1240, to the present century
And as far as any enemy, my hand put them to sleep
First we toss em in the pit and watch 'em burn, and then we feast
As i rease up the crease of the priest for the beast
I crush the head of the sniveling rabbi with my powerful heel piece
Its the mane who hath been ordained, with all this orthodox on me
Drape me down. Give me the crown. Tilt it down then i release
This inquisition is in position, and the mission is to diminish
This earthly kingdom is crumbling but my kingdom in heaven glisten
Throbbing, pulsating, busting with nothing but destruction
On the long way to Damascus, my eyesight suffered an obstruction
He said "Put me in your heart", although I did it, I do not love him
I could never believe anything he said to me to make me trust him
Though I do understand the angle, Im just simply not accustomed
To the assumption there is something I cannot see, but sees me with judgment

Ill knock on gods door
Give him his sun back
This my world now
And i dont want that
Its always dark now
Ever since my contact
Bow down, and all that
Kiss the ring, and crawl back
Rozz wrapped up
Draped in all black
With two feet up in the grave
I still can't save my soul from where my thoughts at
I saw monks with tall hats
No shirts, whipping they own backs
I cried, and watched the blood spatter
For the sins of all man

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