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Dylan Ross

"Better To Be A Pervert"

Im your sons age, but he still dont know
Why you wear that ankle bracelet, with that ring around your toe
If you got a couple secrets, and you need to let em go
Take a shower, Ill be over in about an hour, hoe
You got enemas up inside you, squirting as I swiftly plan my route
I am coming over at midnight, to check you out
Check me in, take me to my suite, then you lay me down
Lay it on me , let me show you how I let you break me down
Mr. Mitchells away at work, at his company, Bade Incorporated
Youre at home, performing skull-crushing dome, video taping
Gagging like an idiot, choking, spit is soaking through your apron
Joy and love is all we need, and sometimes just a little patience

Oh yeah right there
Maybe you need just a little more time with me [x2]

It's better to be a pervert than to not get what you want
I put a pulse up in your body baby
And a message on your tongue

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