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Dylan Ross

"Dark Dorkison: Return Of The Goof"

Maybe I'll run into you on one of these brighter days
I mean literally bump in to you
What you been doing girl
I haven't been keeping up lately
Cause I've been busy with all of these busy things that I've been doing in all of the jazz
Parlaying [??] a habit of getting things that I never thought I could have

Seventeen wings of a butterfly all the way to Shagri-leezy bleezey back to back
Anyway I think it's funny we would run into each other like this
In broad day light
Cause I've been thinking about ya everyday for the past few years
Now let me help you pick up some of them thangs you dropped
I gotta get a reaction in a major way
You gotta let me down before I let you stay

You let me down
You let me down
I let you go
Then you came back around

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