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Dylan Ross


well it goes like this though, ha

[Verse 1: William White]
well it's 2009
i'm steppin' out of the whip feeling pretty divine
raising my goblet up and taking a sip
tipsy of the grey goose, redbull, no cares
i'ma take me a little dip in the pool
and later on, i got some ladies coming over until the break of dawn
i be getting worked out all over
international player, even though i'm rich
i still smoke weed 'til my eyes bleed n itch
i'm william white
you knew it already though
i'm an entrepreneur pimp
gettin' that steady dough
you ready hoe
cause i don't think you are
i got ten 15's in the trunk of my car
and they beatin' hard
jus like i beat it up w no protection
on women that go both ways like an intersection
and it's a party man
i hit the stage in my (?) cardigan
i'm getting paid

[Verse 2: William White]
i'm the freshest around
and ain't no holding me down
and ain't no snatching my crown
i make you lay it down with a bang bang sound
the regalist to (?) if you testin' my temper
i dismember you all the way from january to december too
you eat my dust
midwest or bust
and if you want to f- on a hood of a truck listening to spin doctors
you sh*t out of luck
on top of that
i don't take a (?)
i'm livin' a good life of sexual deviance
fatal attraction
can i get some action if i bring you to the mansion for some coke and got them camera's flashin'
i live a regal life
regal days, regal nights, regally paid, regally right
investing in china white
doin' alright
if i say so myself
sellin' every record on the shelf w nobodies else's help

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