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Dylan Ross

"100 Blades"

[Hook: Ouija]
Hundred blades
Trash bag walking down the street with a hundred blades
Couldn't be as sharp as my team with a hundred blades
Never had a pillow I'm a sleep on hundred blades
Hundred blades
Walking down the street with a hundred

[Verse 1: Choirboy]
Woke up in a bed of a 100 blades
Head pounding mind still in a haze
Turn to the right see a girl looking underage
Wait (what the f*ck)
Turn to the left and a f*ck boy in the safe
sh*t wonder what they wanna take
Lift my tongue and get my f*cking blade
Slice em' in the face put em' both in the black bag
Yeah yeah that's that pus*y boy turn for the catnap
Throw him in the back in the back in the back in a black bag
Killa from the flatlands kicking in your brain like a catscan
Bring the whole village like some Afgan
We gon' get the last laugh
Pull up in the deadly parking lot like where Ouija Mac at?

[Verse 2: Ouija]
3am on the highway
Walking down the shoulder with a migraine
From out I don't know why mane
Till the car slowed down shawty driving
Nothing but some murder on my mind mane
Lil milk skin shorty smell fine mane
Hopped in quiet I was smiling
Hundred blades in my bag and we ridin'
Right to yo throat run that money up right now
I'll pull this car up the road cut the lights out
Gas station kill everybody inside now
Beamer on pump six I guess that's my ride now
(you gotta die now! you gonna die now!)
Got the message from Choirboy there's blood on my phone now
(you gotta die now! you gonna die now!)
Call R O Double and tell him its lit at the hide out

[Verse 3: Rozz Dyliams]
I got up to the spot
"Hey fellas"
I just came from Himerdinger
Here's one for you, one for you, one for me
Now let's see what the new blades tell us
We all sat down
Spun them on the ground
In amazement when they landed on each other
Mine went to Choirboy his went to Ouija's
Ouija's went to mine
Maybe it's a sign
Then we all looked at each other when they started spinning crazy now there levitating
Then they slowly floated into each our hands
Damn I feel just like the brand new House Of Krazees
Walked up out the door got some errands and some stuff to do
We don't f*ck with you
We don't f*ck around with cheap knifes
Only the finest craftsmanship to cut you fools


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