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Dylan Ross

"Handsome Boy"


I hold my weapon
Handzum boys is what I’m repping
Got a fire in me
Like a black fraternity I’m stepping
I’m banging just like Preston
All these different drugs im testing
I’m headed out west and I gotta tight grip on the wesson
I know a couple things about psychosis and depression
I’m riding round and it’s what I won’t tell you that I’m getting
I’m riding round and im getting hitting just like its my mission
I make you lay it down whenever I stand at attention
Never approach me with apprehension
Get your woman wetter than the weather in the Northwest
Cause how hard I’m booming
Handsome Boys in full effect
I’m repping SESH as well
Stay about your money
Don’t get caught up with a jezebel
Like I did
Got pain behind my eyelids
I say I wanna be happy but all I want is silence
I couldn’t stand that she was so damn average
Even when we were f*cking we were arguing
Talking mad sh*t
Told her to look back at it
And by it
I mean the fact that she was just a little infidelous gambling addict

But I’m a handsome boy so I move on
Put the entire luggage and the damn shoes on
Head up out the door
after I roll up a Junt
All about that money mane
You already know it’s us

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