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Dylan Ross

"Feeling Like An Orchid"

Let me love you so I can find out what the process is
You’re just like a lotus blossom that hasn’t blossomed yet
Look past the fact that we are opposites and focus on how odd this is
A chemical attraction that is positive
I’ll give you everything I got even if I don’t got a lot to give
I’m solid but I can’t make any promises
I want you but what I don’t want is the heartbreak that’ll happen
Because I feel like I’ll be here one day and gone the next
The celibacy is in full effect at the moment
That’s something you gotta respect cause I don’t even want the sex
I mean I do cause every night I’m tossing and turning in bed
Trying to keep my head clear no matter how hard it gets
As long as I’m doing my little [?] thing
I’m using my time wisely trying to figure out the proper steps
Of keeping you within arms length
if you are not under it
I think your worth the sacrifice of vices but I’m wondering

Feeling like a daisy
Feeling like a lillie
Feeling like a rose
Feeling like an orchid

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