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Dylan Ross


(This is the moment they've all been waiting for)

Mark all us red
Take it all back
Mark all em' red
I wish I could go back
Rozz hella old school like we show that
Ten toes down, I'm my own man, I'm a grown man


Kicking down that rush rush rush
All I ever do is bust
Open wide
Look inside
There's only a few I can trust
I stay inside cause when I leave I gotta R O Double Z crush
When I wade through water world I wet my wild wave of love
With the power of eight
No mask hysteria like alternate
For certain I was birthed in a lysergic liquid immersion
I was sick of waiting for my purpose
so I found it under the surface
Under the dirt of the property purchase
gathered up every piece of information and burned it
I am nervous
this will pass but none shall pass if they don't deserve it
Whatever you doing with your life ain't worth it
b*tch I'm working to see if you can hurt it

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