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[Verse 1: Egoraptor, Danny Sexbang, Markiplier]
It was a beautiful day
And everyone was excited
There was a picnic and
The whole Nintendo crew was invited
Luigi stood up and said
Listen everyone, I love you guys
You are my best friends in the world
You make me glad to be alive!

Excuse me, hi there
I'm the announcer for a fun new family game
It's called Super Smash Brothers!

That sounds nice, how do we play?
Well first I'm gonna warp you
Into a world of hate and war
Where you'll assault everyone
You have ever known and loved before

I don't think I wanna do that
Oh, come on, it'll be a bash
Now grab all of your little friends
'Cause it is time for us to motherf*cking Smash!

[Chorus: Danny Sexbang, Egoraptor]
Whoa! (wait, no) Let's go!
Kick the sh*t out of your friends (that is not cool)
Have a blast as you beat their ass
And then they're forced to clap for you at the end
3, 2, 1, Smash!
Mario, (hey, bro-AGH!) your chode
Has been destroyed 200% (I needed that chode!)
Can't we all just get along?
Abso-f*cking-lutely not, you gotta Smash!

[Verse 2: Egoraptor, Danny Sexbang, Markiplier]
The park was destroyed
Hundreds of bystanders dead
Kirby held Donkey Kong captive
In his huge, disgusting head
Fox said, "Hey Mario, stop crying
Just psyche up and fight instead!"
I'm Luigi, all these bloodstains
Make my overalls look red!

Sonic looked tough
'Til Link kicked him in the stuff
The madness of cold-blooded murder'd
Overtaken Jigglypuff
He blasted Bowser to infinity
With one massive-ass hit
Then he took three Falcon Punches
Like it wasn't even sh*t!

Is the time almost over?
I can't tell, my face is mashed

Don't worry, Luigi, the clock says
4, 3, 2
(oh no...), 1, Smash!

[Chorus: Danny Sexbang, Egoraptor, Emily Hughes, Markiplier]
Whoa! (this blows) You know
When Mario and Peach team up
You are screwed (you're my own brother!)
Pikachu's way less f*cking cute
When he is trying to electrocute you (Pika-pi!)
Samus (whaddya want?)
Is p*ssed you got a small amount
Of dirt on her suit (oh, you're dead, b*tch!)
That is the last god damn straw!
Oh sh*t I think Luigi's gonna f*cking Smash!

[Bridge: Danny Sexbang]
Hey, look at me now!
I'm beating up friends!
I have no regrets
This is the f*cking best
Yes, I can see now
We're having fun in the end
Now it all makes sense

[Outro: Danny Sexbang, Egoraptor]
I guess just because we smash each other, doesn't mean we're not brothers
Ahh, Mario, you suck!
Bite me!

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