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"Leave Me Alone"


Oh Lord baby
It’s ClassicFredrick baby
Am stunting on this track
Oluwa got my back


Why you trynna leave me alone
You’ve forgotten how you used to be my only backbone?
Every night and every day I be checking my phone
Sick and tired of this arguments, I need my headphones

Now am waiting at the bando
I ain’t seeing message from you, even if it’s hello
People telling me you going on a date with Pedro
But I never believe them, I want you tell me no no

If I even made you sad, why not tell me what to do
You putting all the blames on me, why you taking me for fool?
I’ve been heartbroken a lot of times, I ain’t even amused;
All the promises you made are f*cking lies, they ain’t no truth
They ain’t no truth, they ain’t no truth;

Why you always telling lies?
But you told me your my life
Now you wanna make me cry
Tears be dripping from my eyes
Now I feel I wanna die
You fell in love with other guys
Wish you could peep into my heart
But sh*ts f**ked up, it’s part of life;
But sh*ts f**ked up, it’s part of life

I don’t wanna let you go
We shared lot of memories;
Looking you from head to toe
You’ve become a part of me;
I don’t flirt around you know
Really it’s unnecessary

I been f**king smoking all day
You be steady causing me pains
Why the heartbreaks coming my way?
Looking up to God for broad days

I really dunno you were cheating
Many thoughts in my head, now am screaming;
I miss the good times when we kissing
Now am popping pills, am sipping lean lean

Baby, why you do me this? I swear to God I no believe
I never thought we gon flop, but I gotta stand up to my feet;
We started as friends, we got so close and now we don turn enemies;
You gat me thinking if na real or maybe me I just dey dream


Why me? why me? baby tell me why me?
I don’t wait for nobody, I need you now beside me
Cuz you got the f**king sauce and juice more than Victoria Kimani;
I used to own your sexy body before you deprived me. (2x)

Them girls want me
Cuz they know am stunting
But na you dey off me
Put your love upon me
Now am feeling lonely
Ni**a want no dulling;
Tell me, why you naughty?
Why you acting funny?
Why you acting naughty?
We should be on low-key
But, you just dey jonze me
You forgot your promise
Even times we done things;
Now my heart is rusty
Cuz I missed your good good loving
I hope someday your coming

Baby, I hope you gonna give me, give me one more chance? Give me one more chance;
We should think about the future cuz I want no fight; cuz I want no fight. (2x)

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