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​​Lil Happy Lil Sad

"​nothing left"

[Chorus: two:22]
I fear what's in the dark
Who I am at heart
Light it up, I spark
But there's no point to start
An! When I'm all alone
Girl pick up the phone
Show me where to go
Gonna need some methadone

It's so hard to be alive
It's so hard to f**king try
Sometimes I jus wanna die
You cannot see it through my eye

I'll be laughing on the day I'm in a coffin
Find me smiling when I'm fallin' into nothing

All I can do now is hope that it don’t come back
I am fadin' around, and I hope she knows that
But I saved a picture of her on my Kodak
Had a key to happiness, but let her hold that

[Verse 1: two:22]
I cannot lie, nothin' left inside
Whys it always gotta be the one I love
That makes me cry
You can decide, if we survive
But i just cannot stick around
Snd listen to you tonight
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