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​​Lil Happy Lil Sad

"The Way She Goes"

Lil Happy

Now shawty wanna f*ck, I'm on her mind (yeah)
While I'm rolling up a blunt, she always down to fly (eh)
I don't feel too much
No baby, I'm already high (facts)
I keep messing up
I'm always tryna make it right (yeah make it right)
Finna make it right (yeah)

[Verse 1]
I smoke (eh) some dope (woh)
I'm long from home (eh)
She cool (eh), she knows (eh)
The way she goes (eh)
We f*ck (eh) we smoke (eh)
She suck (oh), she broke (eh)

Got cash (eh), in flow (eh)
I share (oh)
It all (eh, eh)

I'm getting cash, now
I share it all (uh)
Paying her rent now
So shawty get loud (eh, eh)

I'm getting cash now
I'm getting cash (woh, yeh)
Money in stacks now
Money in stacks (eh, woh)

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