​​Lil Happy Lil Sad


I always make tracks, pray for cash
Fill up gas in the coupe
Driving fast, dodge the boys in blue
Versace bomber black, she a snack
Make me slack, little hoe
Need her home to stay in control
I'm out chasing bags, came from rags
Now my hands full of gold
I walked an intense road
I'll make my baby gag, love the drool
I'm a creep but she cool
Talk in codes 'cause we both closed

Do anything for my b*t*h
She's a reason to get rich
You try do any harm
Dump your body in a ditch
I love thighs, skinny, thick
Making money give me kicks
She drool all on my d**k
Then her face full of her spit
I remembеr back in class
Sneaky touching on her ass
We couldn't lеt 'em know
I was with another boo
Even did sh*t in her room
That some sh*t we can't undo
But I wouldn't if I could
We were young and I craved fruit
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