​​Lil Happy Lil Sad

"Used 2 be"

I never said that i was perfect
But im workin
Till somethings workin
Yeah im hurtin
Like anybody else
But im tired
Of being worthless
Like everybody else

Thats harsh, yeah i know i am
But i have scars, i dont know why i would give a damn
I used to drown in my sorrows and my pain
And thats what everybody think of when they hear my name

Now im changing, for the better let them hate me
If i dont cry youre not relating
But i dont miss the way i used 2 be

And i love u like i always did
When yourе ready you can come to me and join thе guild
Yeah its time we movin forward to get stronger now
I hit the bottom can't be falling any longer now

I always felt so weak but now i know i ain't
I always wanted to be greater than where i was placed
Im tryna have the discipline to follow fate
Im working for the strenght to bring the broken faith
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