​​Lil Happy Lil Sad


She looked at me told me youre so f**kin lost
But she dont even see how she damagin us herself
I looked at her told her she so f**kin hot but she ain
Gettin nothin i ain't goin back to hell, f**k no

I lose all control of myself when she cold as f**k
Sayin some sh*t but to her it ain't addin up
She think she better than everyone else
So she always so busy w provin herself, sh*t

Baby this sh*t is jus part of my work
Cracked my mind open i taught it to search
I just want it all to work girl
I just wanna help and learn

I just wanna spend and earn girl
I dont wanna see u hurt no more
Do u wanna get that ‘stang girl
Move around town all night in sports

This ain't a act girl
I get it all, anything i want, hoe
So dont f**kin act girl
This sh*t ain't war, i can't take all of this drama no more

And i ain't gonna hurt u girl no more oh no
If i do girl i guess u better on your own
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