​​Lil Happy Lil Sad

"Love bites"

Love bites on my neck
Im always high she always wet
I always cry when i hit rec
She know im singin bout my ex
But she blew me 'fore she left
Cause she know that im depressed
She f**k me for her stress, i f**k her cause she is the besti cut my wrist all day long
She suck my d**k and smoke bong
I can't feel sh*t like day long
She suck my d**k i make songsi get her lit i smoke strong
She kiss my d**k in her thongs
Ill never quit i belong
She kiss my neck shes my bomb
Like since day one i always wanted to
Kill myself or make her boo
And now its us girl me and you
U know im always down for you
Behind the mask of all the smiles
Im f**king nothing ive died
I f**king try and try and try
But im so tired i can't fighti might kill myself tonight
Please hit me up and say its fine
Girl i just need to say good bye
Before i go and take my lifegirl please just know that ive tried
But i end up just wanna die
I smoke some dope to get me high
And i am gone like all the timebut if i live i know ill make it
Cause im lit and youre basic
Im a no one they still pay me
In a year ill have the plays b*t*hin a year i swear im hot sh*t
In a year i swear ive gone rich
I dont wanna have my wrist slit
Will u put me in ur playlist
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