[Verse 1]
I'm so-sorry for calling you at this time
I'm wa-watching this video that reminded me
Of the movies we used to see
The people we used to be
I'm wo-wondering, "How are your mum and dad?"
'Cause mi-mine keep on asking whatever happened to
The girl that I used to see
How happy I used to be

Do you ever think of me?

Ever since you left
I can't get out of bed
It's true
What's a heart supposed to do
With a hole the size of you?
I wish I could undo the pain
But my heart can't catch a break
I think about you every single day

[Verse 2]
I kept all of the pictures you used to draw
I still drink from the cup you stole from the bar, and I
I swear I can taste your lips
Every morning with every sip
I ho-hope you don't see me when I go out
I don't think you'd approve of who I am right now
I'm not who I used to be
That's the truth, baby, truthfully
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