[Verse 1]
I don't trust nobody
I don't like nobody
Got me feeling all kinds of things
So let's do things, I'll tell nobody
Say you wanna get a drink with me
And I know you mean coffee
Girl, I bet you're never late
But if you are, I know you say sorry

Must be on your best behaviour
'Cause I don't kiss no stranger

So you must have done something right
'Cause I would let you ruin my life
And I haven't felt something in a long, long time
So you must have done something right

(You, you)
Must have done something right

[Verse 2]
Never loved nobody
Never liked nobody
So much that I cancelled things
And lose the things, tell everybody
I see you everywhere I'm looking now
It's like you're right here with me
And even when I close my eyes
We're skin to skin, I feel your body
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