All of my life [ENGLISH TRANSLATION] lyrics

Park Won

When things were so hard that I was tired of living
When nothing was going my way
When I hadn’t even seen my family
And even I wasn’t important to myself
In this world, where one must have more
In order to continue with love
All of my life
You are all of my life
When I look at myself
I changed so much after meeting you
I began to have dreams
And I wanted to make your dreams come true too
In order to do that, I had to go up higher
I had to have more things
Just when I had everything
My dreams bеcame bigger than love

All of my lifе, when I was struggling
You are all of my life, you filled me up
I tried filling myself up with other things
All of my life
You are all of my life
But I couldn’t be filled

That’s what we wanted and were so desperate for
Now my room is so filled up
But were you in there alone, without me

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