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DJ Mykael V


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God always
Yo, just know when you see her, that's me
Mykael V

I got Mariah, I got Mariah
Through the red all right beside her, she got the fire
When I was closer to me, liar
Full inspire, can you speak through the wire
I'm like McGyver, the way I'm making these

When I laid eyes on her, had to cap a ring
I been second from the sound, just put your mind at ease
They say I'm reachin, I'm just living my reality
Ayo pop, ayo, pop-pop, make my hood go fast, I try to talk, had to stop, swear it's like my turn to [?], yeah
Loving much around you, I feel like I could be myself when I'm around you
Tell me every single dream, I will not doubt you, no
I love the way you bring the best out those around you, I'm above your cloud, boo

Ooh, girl, I'm going crazy
Forget the sauce, mamacita got the gravy
Hook line, sink good the way she bait me
I had to put a ring on her, guess she made me

Made me, made me, I guess she made me
Made me, made me, I guess she made me
Ooh, yeah she made me
Had to put a ring her for the bae (24)

39, yeah
You know what time we on
Huh, 24k, yeah, the diamonds
Yeah the diamonds

Huh, yeah, I'm looking nauseous
Pull up in a ride, yeah I pull up in a c*ckpit
Legendary, figurine, please don't drop it (Ha)
I got a band, I understand this commitment
Don't do the swerve, don't do the dance, I admit it
24k, bet she smiling
Got a wifey by me
Pull up in a Remi, and you pull up right behind me
I get it on lock, ka-ching, ka-ching, yeah I'm feeling frosty, yeah yeah

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