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El Camino

"Shrimps At Phillipes"

[Verse 1: El Camino]
I'm in that Benz truck counting, ?
Scouting, putting di*k in they spouses and I f*ck up they houses
? jewels at outings, we standing on the couches
The feds don't know sh*t, depend on how closed your mouth is
I told that b*tch head up and just send me your routings, skip the shouting
I be in jail ?
My deuce won a Benz, Ol' b*tch's hating when she
I'm in the Range no tints, we eating shrimp at Phillipes
My main b*tch from Greece (uh), we used to play the streets (uh)
Running from police, if I see the ops then I'm dumping out the V
I'm on Venice beach, my life is a beach, your life is a b*tch
I'm 23 and rich, when you were 23, you were somewhere on your di*k n*gga
We lit, we lit, we rich

[Verse 2: Benny the Butcher]
Ay yo I don’t remember waking up, havin’ to put the oven on, sh*t was so cold in the house
Now I wake up in the mornin’ I put this rollie on n*gga, sh*t’s still cold
Woke up in the villa uh, [?]
It don’t get no realer, they can't believe I’m not a dealer
Hit the [?], get a fill up, breakin’ kush down in the swisher
b*tches staring, take a picture and watch me ball like Chauncey Billups
She think she boujie, but she don’t own enough bags to be that sassy
We pick em up in foreigns, drop em off in taxis
The feds gon’ celebrate the night they catch me (Suck my di*k!)
These bricks white as Ashley, we real hustlers so just [?], relax me, uh
My favourite rapper died fro n*gga, this b*tch is still cold
Woke up in the villa, feet step on chinchilla, it don’t get no realer, they can’t believe I’m not a dealer

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