Cooking Up

Harry Mack

[Verse 1]

Yeah, from the top
Hit you non-stop
We ain't never gonna flop
Yeah, this that real Hip-Hop
Harry Mack, your boy Bubs
Back at you with the sh*t you really love
Come on, you better turn this sh*t up
Come on, yeah, yeah
Hey yo my flow's enrichened
I hit em' from a distance when spittin'
It's Harry Mack these rappers runnin' better stay hidden
They flippin like Flapjacks
I come with the fat raps
Ayo I'm never approximating I'm that exact cat
Getting to it
Spittin' fluid in all directions you can feel this
Never fakin' Mack gone bring the realness
Yeah, difficult to deal with, certainly
Rappers talkin' sh*t, but it seems they never hurtin' me
I'm behind the curtain hittin' the J
Then comin' out on stage
Spittin the phrase that
Rip em' away
I'm strippin all of the whack ones out of the scene
Ayo my mom see me shinin' she be proud of my dreams
I'm risin' further
Serve ya'
Murder up on a platter
Compared to all these rappers
My lyrics be soundin' fatter
Hittin' MCs hard from the streets to the venue

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