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Damian Marley

"Shoot Out (Remix)"

[Damian Marley]
Only a fool will spill his own blood
And all the duppy weh yuh making and yuh proud
'Memba children they don't know love
Stay far when yuh si dem inna crowd (Boom)
Cause they will rob from their own neighbour, to get dem belly full
Dem will kill yuh for your paper, to get dem belly full
Dem will tun yuh inna vapor, si get dem belly full
I say oh good GOD of grace
Please don't let them pass my way
When they're out there on their chases, just pray you're not around
Innocent a dead from stray shot, so pray you're not around
Betta yuh try face immigration, and pray you're not around
Wid only one life to live, betta try run for the hills
Man a buss bullet fi wages to feed dem hungry mout'
It's only one bloody oasis, a run inna di drought
So much unsolved murda cases, there is no end to the doubt
Disappear wid out a trace, just a name wid out a face

[Hook - Michael Rose]
Police an' thief inna shoot out
Nowadays di hot head dem, naah cool out
In the community JAH innocent a move out
Di gangsta dem need a new route
Police an' thief couldn't be friend
Yet di two a dem a road set di same trend
Put a money pon dem head and dem days end
Dem bwoy deh, wi nuh rate dem

[Michael Rose]
Dem born and shape out inna badness
Dem treat life like a sadness
If dem nuh goa jail dem get a casket
Dem show no love at all

[Damian Marley]
Now praises be unto di king
Love is all i bring
A gong gooli speaking
Now what does it do a man to fight against his cousin?
Let alone his brothers and sisters
There is no gain, yuh fight against yuh self
A fluke

[Michael Rose]
Police a buss shot, people get flat
Bad bwoy return shot, di whole a dem strap
Everybody blood hot, dem naah tek nuh chat
So when di violence gonna stop?


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