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Damian Marley

"The Mission (Acoustic)"

From Jungle to Rema
From Tivoli to Matthews Lane
Ahh, ahh
From Waterhouse to Drewsland
From Paneland to Delacre

Seh youth and youth fi have a plan and have some ambition
And make sure unnu firm ina di Armageddon
So when you son become a man, him know just where you stand
Him know him poopa set it so him follow tradition
If Marcus Garvey say fi read then why some man ah pree
Cause knowledge ah the key and it wi set the people free
And Haile I philosophy is African unity Unno watch dey segregation and social impurity
The race is not just for the swift but those who can endure
Make sure you have a steady footing ina Zion door
And keep dem thoughts dem pure
Jah love is for the poor
But some likkkle bwoy ah burst some gun dem mumma can’t afford
If Jah say blood fi run let Jah will be done
The heaven and the Earth will pass away before him word no come
But if ‘I’m rise without a cause there will be no reward
For you to enter Zion gates because you are a fraud

For the youths in the struggle
Fighting Guerilla warfare
Ahh, ahh
Somalia to Ethiopia
From Egypt to Zimbabwe

Haile Selassie say ah war if color is a scar
If one from every nation can come live up an ah par
So don’t care who you are there’s a brighter morning star
It’s shining wake di town and tell the people near and far
You seek and you will search with science and research
The flesh it is the temple and the temple is the church
Haile Selassie say fi work so how some man ah lurks
Dem fixture pon the cornerside like rubbish heap and dirt
Haile Selassie say a one respect for every man
No care the race, no care the color nor di religion
So make a decision fi bun di division
Cause each and every human being fi trod pon di mission

From Portmore to Kingston
From Kingston to Montego Bay
Ahh, ahh
From Seaview to Riverton
Common, Hundred Parklane
Ahh, ahh
From Jungle to Rema
From Tivoli to Matthews Lane
Ahh, ahh, hey …
From Southside to Telaville
From Iraq to USA
Ahh, ahh, hey
For the youths in the struggle

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