Kiddo Marv


[Verse 1]
Go ahead in do your thing
I seen you that other day looking jealous of me
But never in your life try to play with me
Listen i'm mini michael jordan
You can't get mad cus i'm better than you
I already played you to many times just give up for once
Never in your life you have to win
Listen i'm gonna beat you again so you should stop anyways

[Verse 2]
Listen you never ever wanna try me
The ball with me i'm mini michael jordan in this red bull team
Oh my gosh i'm good down here (ay) (ay) (ay)
Listen i don't care what you haters gonna say cus your one of them who really really wanna play
Never in your life wanna play with me
Listen to me let me tell you something that happend the other day
With these people who tried to play me
And it didn't end so good for them
I bet there crying for what happend
And your the next person so really don't try me
Never in your life try to disrespect me cus you know i'm gonna win
I'm mini michael jordan here you wanna do such
Your gonna do nothing about it
Come on do your thing
Bite your lip okay go ahead cus you have just lost
Okay go ahead in do your thing
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