Kiana Ledé

"Stuck In The Middle, Pt. II"

[Intro: Tai Verdes]
You know what she said to me?

[Verse 1: Tai Verdes]
She said, "You're a player, aren't you?
And I bet you got hoes"
I said, "You don't know me like that
I just go with the flow, oh, oh"
She said, "You can't fool me like that
You're gonna leave me on read"
I said, "Why don't you try me on out
I know you wanna be friends"

[Pre-Chorus: Tai Verdes]
But friends turn into sleepovers
And sleepovers turn into love
Love turns into jealousy
And now we both f**ked up

[Chorus: Tai Verdes]
'Cause we're stuck in the middle of lovers and friends
And we're losing every part of the bеnefits
You hurt me more than I еver knew
But it's sh*tty 'cause I'm doing the same to you

[Verse 2: Kiana Ledé]
He said, "I read the note that you left
When can I see you again?"
I said, "Don't know if I'm coming back
'Cause we both know how it ends" ('Cause we both know how it ends)
Let's not go too far
Before we're brokenhearted
But we can't tear apart
What we never started
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