Fire In The Booth
I'm Rob Kel, I'm Mr Mr Set it off-er
If that's your girlfriend then you better watch her
That dress she looking good in I get it off her
And I creep with her til I get a better offer
You fellas should quit rap you be better off-er
Cos right now you're up against a better author
Better boxer, so you're better off with a new hobby
I'm sick with it you can call me swine flu bobby
You need to step aside now
Cos I'll cowabunga your whole crew wipe out
You need a better style now
Cos me and you are not even close, drake's eyebrows
The next one that want to wild out
I'm a make sure I go to town on him like a night out
And anybody wanna fight now hit him with a right hook
Leave his head spinning like a night owl
You should put the mic down, this is not for ya
You're seeing it now, but you won't see it tomorra
You're never gonna see more (seymour) little shop of horrors
It's kelly I give you the right hook no chorus
I got charlie in the booth saying "sick brother"
You're not half the man you used to be "Big Brother"
I was with your baby mama
She had her a** out lady gaga
I had my balls out lady gaga
Don't be mad thats just the name of the game like abba
A big man, you're just a little hot head
I was giving it to her you came home in the middle of it
You're not sick your just a little vomit
And every track I jump on I poo poo and piddle on it
You can get the middle of your face tainted
Cos nowadays rappers are clowns with out their face painted
They got funny shoes, they got funny pants
They do a funny song, they do a funny dance
Are you f*cking mad their whole style is worthless
I hit them with the hayudken and the perfect
A big man for all you mini me's
You think you're sick? ok well let me put you out your misery
Don't get me on the track i'll blaze ya
Chinese kids - youth in asia (euthanasia)
Say my name on the track you get hurt up
It be your last 16, world cup