DJ Lil Sprite

"Bury Me"

I miss you, Angel

Lil' b*t*h try to play me, think she gonna save me
But she bury me under the ground
And she don't say she love me, she just wanna f**k me
When I say it back, it don't make a sound
And she callin', she cryin'
She love me, she lyin'
I told her "I'm tryin'"
I cannot align it
But I got a bag on me, 20 racks on me
Didn't need you then, I don't need you now

Ride slow, b*t*hes come and go
Got my bag up, ride around with 20 hoes
And he lack, but he say he comin' with them poles
Same spot, you could come and meet my bros
I know you don't want me, why you still on me?
And I tried to leave her, but she still call me
But I got a bag on me, 20 racks on me
And you know I'm ridin' 'round with a pound
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