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DJ Lil Sprite



Give it a try, diving the syllable
6-1-0, over the pinnacle
Coming and I'm killing with a wicked flow
Studios in back of my home
Need to divert the way I go
When I'm putting work and effort shows
Ripping a verse, I know bro
Get em infected, send em to hell
Got a half a minute or more, competitive
Swing batter batter, wouldn't matter
Wanna battle when starts to be a bit dicey
You might have to step back behind the splash zone
Be soaked, need a poncho
It's a lyrical Picasso
Not poquito, but colossal
Verbal geek, yo arigato
Give it a hundred percent, maybe add another ten
Better think up something quick, switch it up again
Keep track, finna be that clean rap, meaning so intriguing
Through the ceiling, too appealing
Need to breathe like a human being
Do believe me, funny feeling
Fall on the ground but I get back up easy
I love music times two, I knew like Kel with his orange soda
I do, I do, I do- ooh, awaken every morning
Drive, pursue to be the best I can
Not in the mood, stick with the plan
To the beat of my own drum, don't give a gdamn
Take a seat, make a jam

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