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DJ Lil Sprite



I get it, I spit this sh*t like it were a soliloquy
All the bullsh*t and hoes rapping nothing but acidity
So I'm just gonna be basic with this f*cking toxicity
All I hear in most lyrics today is simplicity
I'm the opposite, they call me complexity
Specially cause my speciality is severing but separately
Never in second see secondly I splendidly
Crush serenity but steadily and sequentially done successfully
My tendency to tentatively test all to trancendancy
Like tremendously torrential to anyone trying
To tell me tangentially to stop the tensity, I guess man, yes then
These motherf*ckers think that they got to the guessing
It's depressing, some people ain't got even a f*cking pot to p*ss in
All I can hear from the modern world today is b*tching
I guess I'll just change the channel, no need to listen
Making sure that I'm going all the way, going the distance
I got the gear ready for the picking, it's sent in time - not an instant
Done with their sh*t, man, I'll send the ship with the shipment
Are you looking for the light?
Well you'll only the find the darkness
From whence it harkens
They said I was f*cked up, just call me heartless
I be eating all these motherf*cking rappers sloppily, call it crazy comradery
I be living this sh*t up in a monopoly, ya'll wanna get higher, maybe come talk to me
If you wanna f*ck with me, ya'll funny, all I gotta say is get offa me
I'm too honest, honestly ya'll making me laugh in modestly
Ya'll motherf*ckers nothing but a comedy
Me? I'm practicing nothing but autonomy
Nobody ever wanna f*cking with me, whenever they do
They better be doing it better whatever the weather it happens to be however
The endeavour is to be never making an error then severing whoever and whatever wanna be
Dropping the team no pressure from the effort of these b*tches is severed in the header
I'll leave you a letter up on the dresser just cause they can't handle the steam
Can anyone measure I know that I be doing it better that why I love to be rapping and be f*cking killing a beat
b*tch I be doing this for all the leisure I know that I'm fresh not even needing to ask
You know I could do this forever, why you even asking me?
Kronmasta is the master of mashing beats, that is me

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