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The Key of Awesome

"Christmas Parody Spectacular"

[Mark Douglas, Doug Larsen & Anastasia Douglas]
Key of Awesome Christmas party
Everybody's here, we’re still alive

Pitbull always gets it started
¡Dale, Dale, Dale, 305!

Happy Holidays from Sia
Don't look at me, look at my weird friend

[Justin Bieber & Pitbull]
Christmas is a time for Bieber
Just like Jesus Christ I've come again
Sia come and get your freaky friend

Season’s greetings from Rihanna
Santa better have my money

[Reggae Shark]
Is da tree made out of ganja?
Cuz me wanna smoke da Christmas tree

[Madonna & Rihanna]
You can't have Christmas without Madonna
That would be true in the eh-eightes

[Elsa, Kesha, Dr. Luke]
What the hell happened to Kesha?
I can't make a song contractually
You just sang a line, now pay the fee

[One Direction, ZAYN]
Zayn dropped out of One Direction
But I can still play Harry Potter

[Donald Trump]
I will win the next election
And I got a crush on my daughter

[Taylor Swift & Katy Perry)
I'm the Queen of 2015
You're a backstabber with sticks for arms
You're just p*ssed cuz you're not trending
I'll run over you in my pink car
I got you a special Christmas card

[Kanyé West, Baby Yeezus]
Stop your hatin’, ’tis the season
Christmas ain't about the things you buy
It’s about the Baby Yeezus
I'm the greatest baby of all time

Christmas is about Beyoncé
Ohhhh ohh oh oh oh oh ohh

[Santa Claus, Rihanna]
All you a-holes have been naughty
Santa better pay me what you owe
Everybody's getting bags of coal

[Santa Claus]
Look at you all, fighting for attention like two-year-olds
You should be ashamed of yourselves!
There's only one person who’s getting presents this year
And I think you know who that person is

[Taylor Swift]
Giga Hadid

My baby Blue!

[Kanyé West]
Caitlin Jenner

[Katy Perry]
Katy Perry!

Lena Dunham!

Jack Daniels!

[Donald Trump]
The ghost of Ronald Reagan

Jean-Paul Gaultier

[Santa Claus]

Adele, Adele
I am everything
I cure diseases whenever I sing
I was gone for a bit and everything went to sh*t
So the world called upon me to come and fix it

[All except Adele]
Adele, you're swell
We are under your spell

I have saved Christmas by singing so well
Oy! Mate! Where's the bloody eggnog? I've got a sitter for the baby and wanna get p*ssed, mate!

[Santa Claus]
Maybe just sing, Adele. It kind of ruin it when you speak

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