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The Key of Awesome

"Truck Love"

[Verse 1]
Used to take those drives on the state back roads
And find secret places that nobody knows
To get away from those football nights
And the types of folks who don't say nothin' nice
You see I'm from one world and you're from another
You were born in Japan and I am Southern
But this love is a gift from Him up above
Now it's finally time for us to make love

I was f*cking my truck every Friday night
There was no distraction 'cept them hazard lights
Yeah, your hemi may be turbo-charged
And your semi gets me semi-hard
But nothing gets me revved up like my truck

Yeah, she's an import, get over it!
She's a truck, Earl!
Whatever you racist!

[Verse 2]
When folks in town see us together they get sick
Just cuz you are foreign and I am domestic
They just don't know that you're spacious and classy
Or how good it feels to be up in your chassis
The last time we did it you fit like a glove
You were three years old, the perfect age to make love
I broke down and said "it's you I love"
And you broke down and said

I was f*cking my truck to a Garth Brooks song
The battery died cuz I left the lights on
Popped the hood to check it out real quick
Saw something that made my heart feel carsick
It was my best friend's dipstick

Wait a minute, this ain't mine
And that ain't Pennzoil

I was f*cking my truck 'til it f*cked another man
If I can't have you than nobody else can
I was f*cking my truck 'til my truck f*cked me
Perhaps I should go back to human beings?
One thing, baby, I have to know
Is it because I put it in your gas-hole?

I only did it that one time, burned like hell
You know what, forget about it I don't need you anymore
Oh, hi there! What's your name?

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