Sex and the Iron Man 2: AC/DC at the Movies lyrics

The Key of Awesome

[Intro (Spoken): Mark Douglas as Brian Johnson]
This my musical review of Iron Man 2

[Verse 1: Mark Douglas as Brian Johnson]
Mickey Rourke plays a Russian dude
He's got electric whips and a bad attitude
I'm really happy that Mickey made a huge comeback
But you gotta admit he's kinda tough to look at
(Ew, what's up with his lips?)
I'm not sure why he's hatin' on Tony Stark
I was getting popcorn when they explained that part
Morgan Freeman really phones his performance in
Oops, sorry, my bad, that was Samuel Jackson
(Is this Avengers movie really gonna happen?)

[Chorus: Mark Douglas as Brian Johnson]
Iron Man 2, Iron Man 2
Not as good as part 1
But it was still pretty fun
Iron Man 2 is like Chinese food
I liked it at the time then it just slipped my mind
(But Robert Downey gave a winning performance
Imagine if they had hired like Ben Affleck or Colin Farrell
Oww, that woulda sucked)

[Verse 2: Mark Douglas as Brian Johnson & Mark Douglas as Angus Young]
I took my kids to the movies to see Shrek 4
Thank god that they're not makin' any more
I'm sick of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy
Once upon a time they were both funny
Their jokes fall flat even in 3-D
Shrek is abusive to his kids and wife
From there it rips off "It's a Wonderful Life"
They ran it into the ground and sucked out the fun
Antonio Banderas is the only slightly funny one
(And that's just sad)

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