Black Eyed Peas Parody lyrics

The Key of Awesome

We're serving up fresh beats
For breakfast, lunch and dinner
Eat some of our beats
They'll keep you warm all winter
We're eating up them beats and going nom-nom-nom
I'm putting them in my tummy because they're yum, yum, yum

[Everyone sings a different hook]

[Verse 1: Mark Douglas as]
Alright, stop!
This is getting out of hand
There's too many people in this band
It's time for some band interviews
I have to fire some of you

[Verse 2: Mark Douglas as Taboo & Mark Douglas as]
My name's Taboo, I'm the weird Mexican
I don't recall ever letting you in
Walk me through your average day and list the instruments that you play

I play no instruments per se but I drop the beat and then say "hey"
When you say you drop the beat, do you mean you drop it literally?
Uh, nah, that's the DJs job, I drop it figuratively
I also pace around the stage and strike a menacing pose
On Saturdays I do the shopping and wash the band's clothes

[Verse 3: and Mark Douglas as]
OK,, what the hell do you do?
Well, I'm the other black guy, you know, the one that who's not you
I bring the heat and I drop the beat
When you say something, I just repeat
Like: (what?), what?
(Huh?), huh?
(Stop it!), stop it!
(Ahh!), ahh!
Then I make noises like "ping, pow, zap", haha More like

[Bridge: Anastasia Douglas as Fergie & Mark Douglas as]
Fergilicious in the building, say what
Sit your ass down and shut up
Now, apart from your looks, what do you bring to the table?

When it comes to writing hooks, you'll find that I am quite able

[Chorus: Anastasia Douglas as Fergie]
Don't stop believin' (don't stop, don't stop)
'Cause they're dancing on the ceiling

[Verse 4: Anastasia Douglas as Fergie & Mark Douglas as]
Have you had plastic surgery?
No, my lips got stung by bumblebees
Did you just have an accident?
No, that's just some yellow sweat

[Verse 5: Mark Douglas as]
Alright, band meeting
OK, Fergie, you're fired 'cause you ripped off Journey
Apl-de-app, it's time to press Apple+Z
Taboo, you can stay but you can't sing anymore
I need someone to mop Fergie's pee off the floor (yes!)

[Verse 2: Mark Douglas as Taboo & Mark Douglas as]
Don't stop believin' (don't sing, just mop)
'Cause they're dancing on the ceiling (what?) (nothing)

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