ScHoolboy Q

"Numb Numb Juice"

Two-door coupe, hoppin' out like Jack-in-the-Box, n***a
I'm gon' shoot if this 30's all that I got, n***a

[Verse 1]
Time's up
Got my coins up, my bars up, soon we find 'em
We gon' slide 'em, we lined 'em, straight reclined 'em
Pistol grip, I got all kinds of, I'm not your driver
Shot gon' hit him, he won't answer, I'm blowin’ ganja
So much work, they call me old school, I remind ya
That b*t*h you think you got is not you, where you find her?
She a kickstand, a big fan, I get behind her
Then I slid it in, I win, I win, ayy

I mean that's b*t*h sh*t
Faking like you got it in your pockets, yeah, that's b*t*h sh*t
Talking to them hoes, you steady gossip, yeah, that's b*t*h sh*t
Telling on your mans so you can scram, yeah, that's b*t*h sh*t
Pull it out and acting like it jam, yeah, that's b*t*h sh*t
Hating on another n***a come-up, yeah, that's b*t*h sh*t
Staying in because you know it's summer, yeah that's b*t*h sh*t
You a b*t*h boy, on my mama, uh

[Verse 2]
Okay, let's get it, b*t*h, let's get it, woo
Got a plan, we gon' kill his man
The gun won't jam, it's on on sight
I might get life, that's on my life
The .44 fire, the goal green light
To build that price, it filled up nice
The god won't die
Okay, let's get it, b*t*h, let's get it, woo
See no flaws, in my purest form, b*t*h, I'm greedy, uh
Goyard tags, filled with hella cash, this my gimme bag
Zeroes add, we don't do no class, n***a, nine subtract, ayy
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