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The Unthrowboxes


[Chorus werewolf]
The world is infected
Ya all dissected
Cuz this is dramatic
N psychopathic
No one's sociopathic
Life is hectic
Brains full of stastic
Ya were born to be frantic

[verse 1 werewolf]
I'm a psycho with a robotic brain
Youll be tied up n chained
I'll make ya blood drain
While ya feel the pain
Look at the acid rain
Ya bleedin face is sprained
Lick the blood stain
Can't stop ridin the ghost train
Dyin from ya red vein
Brain snorts the cocaine
I hope you ain't gonna complain
And you ain't gonna go insane
Explodin ya brains with profane
Doused with the fuel of propane
Kidnapped n restrained
I should have never been blamed
I'm not ashamed
Ya should be ashamed
Are ya going to be paid
Do you have somethin to say
I hope you ain't gonna escape
Or youll get raped
Ya bunions are scraped
Its gettin ached that you ate the rat poisoned cake
Its good for ya headache ya such a pathetic
Ya bodys not connected cuz ya souls collected
I'll be jumpscaring ya
Nobodys hearing ya
I'm a bacteria
With the smell of diarrhoea
Bloody area
With terrorist gonorrhoea
This trash is scarier
Than unholy necrophilia
My bare foot is too heavier
For you to be superior
I want you to be happier
I don't want you get angrier
My sword is stabbin ya
I am not helpin ya
Bashin ya face in
N snappin ya neck
I'm wrecked
Do I look like I give a heck?
Cuttin off your leg
With a shell of egg
Pull off ya skin with a peg
Ya lyin dead
Takin off the head
I bet you bet
All I see is red
All over the bed
It must be bled
That blood sheds
Like the things I said
To dissect n digest
Your morbid intellect
That will connect


[verse 2 unthrowboxes]
Biologist creatures
With the demonic features
The house of flesh eaters
With the weird pictures
Drink the juice of leeches
As your mouth stitches
Text to speeches
Killin the bad witches
Clean your tongue up those dirty dishes you stinkers
Eating off ya fingers
By vicious killers
The drug dealers
Are the children stealers
See the depictions
In your red visions
The ear rapers
Are blasting speakers
Bury dead witches
In the ditches
Ya skin itches
N ya voice switches
Accomplishing missions
In the house of murderous pidgeons
My brain is vicious
N my blood is delicious
My mind is malicious
N suspicious

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