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The Unthrowboxes


(Verse 1: Werewolf)
I got my holy spirit, I got ya brains in it
Her flesh is covered in my spit, my brains that don't fit
Ya mother is sick, I'll show ya how to do the trick
U have to lick the blood out of a stick
But u can't escape crucifix 'cuz you think there lunatics
Skinning the tuna fish, ya skin starts to itch
She's a smelly bad witch and her voice is high pitched
As their bodies are switched then her throat is gripped
And her skin is ripped open when I killed the chosen
Keep ya body frozen, her baby was burned in the oven
Now I'm an omen, there's a fire in Babylon
Barium enema, ya full of bacteria
I'm draining out ya stamina, I want u to be happier
So don't get angrier or you'll drink my diarrhoea
Infected by malaria like u got gonorrhoea
U had the wrong idea so your a boy ballerina

(Verse 2: Akaloser)
Blast their brains with our venoms and embalm ya intestines
I'm still digesting as I'm di-secting
When ya skin is infecting, my mind, body and soul's connecting
I'm meticulously selecting and secretly collecting
Ya terrified face is perfecting, respecting others
I'm voraciously confecting while sacrificing the mothers
Everything is correcting, the eighth angry brothers
And the devil keeps interacting with the third evil fathers
I can't believe there acting as the second daughters
Eardrum hatching animal when it ruptures
Skull starts to be smashing with the demonic destructions
I'll be bashing on ya face if u don't follow instructions
My cat paw is slashing underground corruptions
Ya face is mashing up without the functions
Ferociously attacking the blood flow interruptions
Frustratingly overreacting about no, introductions

(Verse 3: Unthrowboxes)
Sizzle ya brain when u got a migraine
So u love to feel the pain, my evil poo is insane
Ya heart's blood needs to drain where have you come from
Clean ya blood out of my white jeans with ya tongue
'Cuz u love to play a game but ya doing it wrong
I could never be blamed, u don't have to go along
U guys are lame, what a filthy song
Ya flesh is contained as I cover the face with my dung
As ya doused in flames, when ya hung
Say our names or I will attack the punks
From beyond the grave, the way is so long
Home of the brave from the dark old cave
I'll make u smell my socks and feet, my slave
Nothing can save U until I'm slicing out ya rump
U better not be misbehaving or ya drowned in the pile of junk
The smell of shame is coming from the skunk

(Verse 4: Dark Spicy Man)
Decapitate their arms and legs when I break their necks
I wanna see who's next to do a blood test
Life is a mess, I'm gonna eat ya flesh
So we are the worst but best, no chance
U got one left so u can get starved to death
I can smell ya stinky breath but now it smells fresh
But you've got to eat less but u need rest
Lacerate ya chest got buried in dead grass
U better dance 'cuz after u got blood in ya pants
So I got blood on my hands, water in my sweat glands
Nobody commands, everybody demands
So eat the pile of guts 'cuz it's good for ya health
Ya lacerated with a barbed wire fence
It's hatching from the eggs like there growing to infest
Wear ya face as a mask, I'll drink ya blood from my flask
Got buried in the past, depicted like a herculean task
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The night before last, I can eat ya guts
Don't run so fast now it's time for the gun blast
If you don't trust, the devil must

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