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The Unthrowboxes


(Verse 1: Unthrowboxes)
I'm cutting off the pig's breast so it's yours
No pause, no re-morse
There's diarrhoea all over the mummified corpse
My overkilling force is an unstoppable force
Horse? Of course but you've been screaming like a horse
My axe will break down your door
It keeps overflowing when the blood pours
Are you re-fused to be doing your chores?
She's romantically a bride as I'm dressing her corpse
The smell of dead animals in your drawers
Behold the star wars of the mar-ti-al arts
Everybody knows that the devil who ignores
The Unthrowboxes here to spit some bars
Drain out your heart, speak in tongues
Did you know it feels like a knife was in your lungs?
It pumps my blood with the heart beating drums
I know when and where you've been selling guns
It turns black when the blood runs
The devil who meets the brother and son
I chose the evil one, not the sad one
Say hello to him when the devil comes
He's gonna be too tough for you you can't be strong
And we're gonna prove you wrong
Cover the prisoner's face with a dung

(Verse 2: Werewolf)
You can be my punk, I'm gonna be ya punk
So now let's keep it brutal with this song
Intoxicated by the smell of a skunk's fart
Something feels like you gonna die when you're drunk
Obey me or die, I'm a monk
You stink like a skunk in front of a hunk
Regurgitating this vomit junk
Remaking and beautifying the gore arts
I'm coming and stabbing you with these deadly darts
You're too big, too fat, too autistic and too smart
You don't know where I am, I'm ripping you apart
Come closer to me, sweetheart
You psycho j*rk you better remain calm
And stop or I'll stab the knife in your palm
You're so dumb, I'm gonna break your arm
It burns you alive when you hear the fire alarm

(Verse 3: Dark Spicy Man)
D to the A to the R to the K
In this place, you will have to stay
You can't say it 'cuz there's nothing to say
You're double-crossed, I'm betrayed
Don't drive me insane or get slayed
Shoot bullet in the hole of your brain
Die 'till your body starts to decay
Now listen to this playing or get flayed

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