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The Unthrowboxes


Walls are covered in fresh blood drips
Ya turned to a werewolf as ya skin rips
Changin ya minds with violence n gore clips
Its crackin and bleedin from ya dried lips
Squeezin ya brains out like death grips
Stretch yourself up till it breaks ya hips
The ghost that spits blood all over the scripts
Lookin at the ka-lai-da-sco-pic acid trips
The end of time that brings the zombie apocalypse
Get ya teeth smashed out with two bricks
Youll gonna die if ya scared of the crucifix
Leave ya face bashed in with this
Spittin out blood in the devil's cake mix
Nine nine nine to six six six
Leavin ya heart stabbed with two sticks
The dead magician that pulls off the tricks

My words are creatin the minds of destruction
Dont even attempt disobeyin the instructions
Blowin ya mind with the face reconstruction
Sick peals of laughter explodin human reproduction
Stab chop and cook ya beef in the dungeon
Stab the knife in ya body when ya causin convulsion
Lookin for the human mind corruption
Meltin ya brains with me causin disruption
Spreadin all over the world with my infection
Helpin for my blood flow interruption
Enjoyin the taste of satisfaction
It spits out blood like a volcanic eruption

Enter the realm of grave yard nightmare
Guts are rippin out by the burnin air
Human guts devoured by the grizzly bear
Click and watch if ya dare
Spinnin all ya heads at the fun fair
Rape brains with an image of snake like hair
Killin the survivors with my death stare
Ya up to no good that I do solemnly swear
Suffer the end of time with an act of despair
Dead witches are in the middle of nowhere
Decapitated heads are meltin in the microwave
Ya dead as ya smell the blood in my underwear

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