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The Unthrowboxes


You dirty old slaves…
You are gonna be so dead…

Verse 1:
I'm gonna drag u to bed so you can sleep alone in the dark
It’s the re-ha-bi-li-ta-ti-on of ya Heart
That makes me mad, they're so grounded forever
Do not attempt speaking or you'll eat all of it so you'll get fatter
I'll be loudly turning up the volume 'till ya ears bleed
I'm digging up the dirt til my hands are dirty
The annoying slaves will be slowly fading away
Never come back home or get disintegrated away
And grounded for the whole day
Duct tape 'round your mouth there's nothing u can say
Now pick the dirt up 'til ya hands are dirty
Run faster on a treadmill 'till you're covered with sweat
Not good enough for ya video
They abused me all the time
So I've got to rap it up and make some rhymes
Ya covered in sweat so I can drink it like Gatorade
I'll fix you so you can feel like you're re-animated
I'm destroying the whole world
I'm gonna spin you faster so I can see you vomit
It's the revolution of the drunken maniac rappers
You can't get away from this death-trap
Don't mess with me around if you're alive
No running out of time while cutting off the line
No happy birthday for you while celebrating birthdays
She's disintegrating I like it when she's fading away
Cyber-warfare is filling you all with fear
You're the one who is guiltiness in this courtroom
Today is a punishment day, I’m unmercifully killing your mother
They're gonna pay me and all of you together
Don't kill me or get surrounded with the demons in the sewer

Hook X4:
I’m gonna punish my slaves for the week
There’s no need to speak

Verse 2:
Now follow the punishment rules for the Hell-raiser
Tickle the black widow so it bites ya finger
'Cuz I’m getting madder than a vicious dog
You're chased and destroyed by the evil moon
Eat the crispy bits of rotten fish
Friend plus enemy, equals frenemy
I'm gonna suck you dry 'til ya slowly fading away
Scream as you watch ya mother is fading away
I'm gonna be pulling a prank on ya stupid children
Ya big brother ain't gonna try to run away from this
Hanging out with murderers and hanging out with traitors
Ya feet are vibrating like convulsing in death throes
I hate you so much that you gonna get me punished
So I’ll punch you in the heart 'til you're dizziness
Then I'll be beating down your human guts
Sleep alone in the dark and then the monster eats ya
My violent lyrics killing you all annoying rappers
Sit down on a monkey like your chair
I've been proud of myself about my career
My videotape is filming that they've been killed in V-H-S tape
I hope your hand got hurt when it feels cold
You're gonna be so dead when we get home
The dark carnival is much worse than the ghost town
Spit it out and tell me why did you kill me

Hook X4:
Now I’m gonna punish my slaves for the week
There's no need to speak

You filthy animals
I'll strangle you to death next time

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