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The Unthrowboxes


(verse 1: Unthrowboxes)
Welcome to the slaughterhouse but this your house
Chased and eaten by the hungry mouse
This is the war of water sprout tornado
Do as I tell you so or I'll eat your toe
Watch this dumb show while up-chucking rainbow
Embryo is covered in blood like crushed tomato
You should never stay alone, you should be trapped in the black hole
Self-control, your brain starts to explode
Dark shadows, sad eyes
You can't get away from these blood-sucking mosquitoes
Dead bodies will start to decompose
Getting cursed by the un-holy ghosts
Breaking skulls and biting throats
Love is the less, death is the most
When it invokes the death notes
Of the Half-Eaten fetuses and sacrificed goats
Inject a lethal dose in the veins
Pump-kin faces-like carved out brains
Playing this game n killing all of the lames
I'll be setting the mortal morals on flames
No more words, I'll make you eat your names
Pay attention or get strangled with the chains
It bursts open when the bladder pains
I got surrounded from the crying dames
Curing the depression and possession of shames
Drink the medication from the dying remains
Lick the pee n blood stains off your pants
I'm filed with the confessions and an aggression
Face the dissection of your body suspension
The bad intention is a kind of your lesson
I'm filled with infection but I can't take my affections

(verse 2: Mr Candy)
I'm obsessed by the creepy sounds
In your foaming mouth where the brain drowns
You're drowning in the sea of sick lunatic clowns
Walking back home of these ancient burial grounds
Leave your skin spiked by the thorns-like crown
Lick it all off the walls when the blood drips down
You'll be screaming in the red and black backgrounds
From the mists of the darkness, the scent surrounds

(verse 3: Akaloser)
Deadly destruction with this volcanic eruption
Don't you skip away from this demonic introduction
You're disintegrated with the devil's mind corruption
Haunted, worshipped, tortured and slaughtered
London Dungeon, follow instructions
Blood flow interruption with scrambled conjunctions
You've turned into a white like that means you're sculptured
Beautiful face gets punctured and quartered
We'll have a discussion about your punishment
Your back is turning into a face reconstruction
This is the condition for the black vein demolition
Do you wanna save the world without our permission?
Can you see the visions of death and decomposition?
But, wait a minute... Are you Christian?
You're sliced up with knives in the devil's kitchen
Now this is sick, twisted and vicious

(verse 4: Unthrowboxes)
Look at this smiley face of death
For life I'm gonna be taking this last breath
I'm rapping it up when he's left
Releasing the smell full of death n sociopath
Yes, yes, I'm a psychopath
Blood running from your wounds for the bloodbath
Yes, I'll be walking down this dark path
That's the aftermath of rabid wolf's wrath

(verse 5: Werewolf)
Are you feeling great when you're zapped by an eel?
You know you have to tell me how do you feel
It looks pretty good that your skin gets to peel
Maybe this is real but this is the raw deal
'til the next time your deep cuts won't heal
You don't know how to choose, your soul that I will steal
Break apart of your muscle arm-like steel
I love to eat the eyeballs and spaghetti for meal
Nothing can stop me from starting to kill
You know I will, I know I will
In your jugular veins where the blood fills
Don't do anything stupid or your blood will spill
I'm about to kill the enemies with my drill
Snort this angel dust or eat this suicide pill
You've got to be buried when you're lying dead still
Chill; thrill; will; kill
Your mythical dreams will get your spine chilled
I'm in the night walking up a silent hill
Mentally ill, mentally ill
Now I'm gonna show you this new skill
Enter the paradise of this haunted wind-mill

(Verse 6: Mr Candy)
She's upchucking human guts like in City of The Living Dead
Off with your head, it goes off your head
There's blood everywhere to make it red
Lick off the dripping crimson bloodshed
You idiots better lick the blood out of her bed
I'm gonna chase and kill them as they fled
The fly-infested rotten meat is force-fed
This is the war of mutant flesh marionette
I'm not a cat, you're my pet
I'll leave your flesh covered with sweat
You'll gonna be crying blood when your eyes bled

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