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The Unthrowboxes


Stab you in the manniquin in the guts
Fill the steaming cold ice in your deep cuts
Your brains and faces melted with dripping pus
Possessed by ghosts n devil that makes you go nuts
Claws or fingernails will be cutting off the butts
Eating all your flesh holes like doughnuts
Shootin you in the heads like killing the robots
I'm commanding you with violence if you start to cuss
Do you stupid crybabies wanna fuss?
The devil must
So come with us
I hope you mind benders do some drugs
Killin all the autistic people in this school bus
I'm an eagle killer rippin out your hearts
Exploding the whole world with the gore arts
Suspending your body with the deadly darts
Dyin slaves can smell the old house farts
I'm a cannibal feedin on your body parts
The whole world will be drownin in the floods
Stuff you in your mouth with the stinky rottin cheese tarts
Itll stab you in the guts when the sword starts to thrust

Your emotional face is turned to a dust
Murderin all the victims of this blood lust
The rottin smell of feet will make you disgust
Endin up crushed up and blood rushed

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