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"Back to Back Freestyle (AR-AB Diss)"

I can't go at Meek n*gga that's my hommie he never did nothing to me
He always looked out for me
He put me on songs my buzz went through the roof I'mma go at this guy
Why should I jump out the window and go at Meek Mill
He a real n*gga got some real n*ggas around him

[Verse 1]
See you pussies throwing shots at the team I'm not having it
First OBH tee I see I'm straight tagging it
I ain't with the back and forth, rapping or this dissing sh*t
You was just on my di*k parking lot taking pics
You never was no top goon been a fraud been a b*tch
I know you remember that night I saved your life
You was scrambling at the club you ain't have no pipe, I had two on me
I thought you was tough you ain't know what to do homie
He think he an animal 'til the zoo on him
f*ck 'em we at 'em
I got the hittas with me daily and they clutching the ladder
You n*ggas frauding to the world it's only making me madder
Pop up at your next show
Do this sh*t like death row
n*gga keep on rapping about it I wish he let that tec go
This that Osama Twin Llama right at your neck flow
By the time he take the gun off safety I'm gon' back him
Dark Lo trying to run I'm gon' chase him
Hit him in the leg with shots that'll waste him
I'm not trying to hear this top goon of Philly sh*t
I rep South Philly where we let them millis rip
Your man paid me for a verse and he ain't get it yet
That's gangsta n*gga that's gangsta
Y'all doing all that di*k riding y'all ain't get a check
All y'all wankstas none of you n*ggas gangstas

You little fat b*tch I ain't even want to f*ck none of your b*tches
You lucky n*gga you little nasty you
You can see everything you ate on your shirt today
f*ck out of here aye [?] no you didn't you fat teletubbie ass n*gga

[Verse 2]
I get to lacking on them suckers then I'm jumping in my Benzo
Hop out walk 'em down I'm dumpin' from my window
If I was at Cass crib you be jumping out the window
Empty the stock spin the block give you ten more
We with the dumb sh*t we really with the dumb sh*t
We with the dumb sh*t we really with the dumb sh*t
We with the dumb sh*t we really with the dumb sh*t
Talking all that ratchet in your raps get a drum clip
These n*ggas talking recken it get me excited
These n*ggas talking reckless tryna get us indicted
I'm floating off that water, I'm rolling with pirates
I don't play about my blood you try us you dying
And we in the city you can meet me let's get busy
Y'all some bum ass n*ggas it come to paper we get plenty
sh*t on n*ggas make 'em sad and call Drizzy
You n*ggas ain't got power you can't call 50

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