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"Uber Everywhere (Freestyle)"

King AB
OBH, Goonie Gang
Cash Money Rich Gang
Yall already know what it is man...
Got my bomb on em
The whole summer 16
Summer mine
Ay Kev...I'm bout to show you better than I could tell you

[Verse 1]
20 pounds of loud in a trash bag
We do not smoke it if it's half ass
They said I wouldn't make it, I don't rap fast
But Birdman helped me get the last laugh
Million dollar meetings in the office
It's one brick left, make a offer
My shooter hop out before I park up
Them b*tch n*ggas ran when they saw us
All I know is violence
Killers move in silence
My momma kicked me out, she caught me in the kitchen frying
Water whip a dry whip
Paper towels are drying
Getting fronted cool but it's better when you buy it
2 perc 30's, four zips got me flying
Too high, my baby momma came, I tried to hide it
We ain't have no money for the store so we robbed it
My young boy just kicking in your doors if you got it
Got a record deal, I'm giving real n*ggas hope
It hurt when you gotta give a real n*gga smoke
A hundred grand cast, but I'm still feeling broke
Twelve twelve bags on the floor full of coke
North Philly raised me
Them shootouts made me
Got caught with a sixty-two hard cause I was lazy
My dad shot my uncle, I was twelve and it grazed me
Then he smoked a bad batch of dust and went crazy
Dave and Roc, they was friends since they was children
Dave hit is girl, Roc found out and he killed him
Crackhead Joe used to sleep behind the building
Then he got clean, sold some dope, and made a million
Elbow deep in that pot getting busy
Hundred round drum on the stick like a frisbee
Best believe he ready, catch a body if he with me
I think Murda caught 4 the same day that they hit me

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