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"Fast Money Fast Cars"

[Bridge: Ar Ab]
Murder she wrote
They can't keep a real n*gga down
Hu hu
Let's go

[Hook: Ar Ab]
Fast money and fast cars
Just pulled the coupe out a glass jar
Pyrex pot is a black card
Two whole ones in the back yard
Fast money and fast cars
My dreams came true in the glass jar
He only 14 but he trap hard
Half brick soft other half hard

[Verse 1: Ar Ab]
Gat found guilty on a coke charge
Mandatory sentence cause the the coke hard
Put a stash box in both cars
It's 125 in the coke jar
First of the month and the rent due
The coke drying off in the window
Have my money, it's simple
Or get a chopper put to your temple
In the projects, we trap in the building
My visual ware pot look familiar
Drug money stashed in the ceiling
06 I was booked for a killing

[Hook x 1]

[Verse 2: Fred the Godson]
Fred the God
Fred [...]
Yo Ar I gat two styles with a whole bunch of baggage with me right now
I'm wit it
V 12 propane code name cocaine
Miami Cuban
Gold chain in the old range
I beat the block like an instrumental
I gat a quarter rack sitting in a rental
Subliminals know, I'm straight forward
If you gat the asking price, what you gat towards it
I know it's awkward
I often just do the costing
Prefer to speak in person
No Texas, Austin
I'm in the back on a Lexis, exhaustion
20 racks on the necklace, flossing
My man Ar Ab gatta do some time being
He on lock, I run his block for the time being

[Hook x 3]

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