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"Set It Off"

[Verse 1]
Everybody masked down when we took the strip
Crazy how these n*ggas tellin the whole hood a flip
Gave a few n*ggas a pass, we should've tripped
Tasha ain't feed the kids, b*tch cookin' bricks
Ridin' with the hitters, turn the Herb up
Whole car loud pack, roll the herb up
Choppin' coke, door locked while Mama home
How the f*ck it ain't no witness but somebody told?
Everything in that clip, sh*t, all a pop
Swiffer sweepers in the trunk, cuz call 'em "mops"
Looking for the enemies, lil homies they call 'em "ops"
Homegirls line 'em up better than them barbershops
All these n*ggas really know is murder/kill
Peeped the news: n*ggas still getting murdered, still!
Newark sh*t, summer time, ridin' down Bergen feel
They ain't have Sprite, mix the dirty with the Turkey Hill
Let a n*gga hold somethin' like he stuck with it
It's lil homies catching bodies for the f*ck of it
If I was in the politics I'd be a rethugican
Tryin' to be a state, then why the f*ck would we muzzle it?
Give it to 'em, ‘cause I mean it; that's a promise ring
Looking out the window; Carl Thomas things
These pills got me seeing, seeing all kinda things
Just praying I don't hear my own mama scream

[Verse 2]
First time I caught a shooting I was 15
I shot a crack head, he gave me a fake bean
First prison bid I was 18
Came home, goon gave me 18
A pot of popcorn had the block gone
They tried to rob the block and got wopped on
That b*tch that he love put the drop on him
Came in the door, and them n*ggas got the mop on him
Hand-to-hand crack in a vacant house
It's sad my mom died before I made it out
Stub got life, I wanna break him out
I swear to God I see his witness, I'm gonna take him out
Tried to quit percs, but I relapsed
30 milligrams, yeah, I need that
That n*gga was a bum before he rapped
I had to squash the beef before he rat

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