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"Money Over Everything"

Ha ha

Money over everything
If your bankroll big, she swallow everything
I'm married to the street, no wedding ring
I walked in a Luie store and bought everything
This Henesy gat me fired up (Up)
I smoke grade As loud like a fire truck (Truck)
The Mexicans supplying us (Up)
We couple couple times, then we tie em up (Up)
I never had a home invasion (NO)
I stick a Glock in his mouth and tell him make a payment (...)
I seen my close friend make a statement (Rat)
My Coke hard enough to break a razor (Yea)
I was only 8 when I first seen Coca (Coca)
8 Peck 10s but I seem sober (Sober)
I had a whole clips, till then seen Khosher (Khosher)
4 4 king cobra, make you lean over (Over)
Time 4 shades on just to block a hater (Hater)
I just bought a whole brick, I might drop it later (Later)
My plug caught some birds, like it's hot potatoe (Teta)
I bang on n*ggas, like the operator (Reta)
I gat rich off whipping salt (Salt)
It's a brick sale, if I get a call (Call)
You getting burnt if you grip it hard (Hard)
I seen an F N rip a car (Car)
They say a coward die a thousand death (Death)
I cooked up a 100 grams, I gat a thousand left (Left)
Tell em only ga harders, no powder left (Left)
I put a price on your life, you gat an hour left (Left)
They want beef, bring the whole Cow (Cow)
I walked in the gun store and bought the whole asle (Asle)
I walked around the prison yard, with no smile (Smile)
I gave my lawyer a 100 large, it was no trial (Trial)
My gun talk to me, saying refill me (Fill me)
He won't ride me till he kill me (Kill me)
I'm at the park with the Coke, till I see Milly (Milly)
It's jumping out the water like free Willy (Willy)
I bring my gun to the big sale (Sale)
Glock 9, the clip hunging like pig tail (Tail)
My watch spackle, like fish scale (Scale)
I made a 150 grand off of 6 sales (Sales)
It's 32 for a kilogram (Gram)
Where your boss at, I never seen a middle man (Man)
Same watch, just a bigger band (Band)
Your block slower than a little hand (Hand)
I turn a n*gga to a ... (...)
Machine gun bang the drum like Timberland (Land)
I'm at the table with important people (People)
My n*gga Murder be extorting people (People. Yea)
My cousin Na, man he sort and evil (Evil)
I gat the powder for the pot and it's snorting people (People)
I'm betting homocide money at a dice game (Game)
I dropped a couple of 100 thou on my white ring (Ring)
Automo Rolex ... (Ring)
15 thou cash, what the night bring (Bring)
I f*ck a b*tch and I make her c*m 7 times (Times)
She better bring a yard stick when she measure mine (Mine)
They say a stack go 8 when they measure mine (Mine)
It jumping off the plate n*gga every time (Time)
I never had hope till I seen a spoon (Spoon)
If you never seen Ab, you ain't never seen a goon (Goon)
When I bring a street sweep, you won't see a broom (Broom)
Machine gun make em high, when they see a moon

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