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"North 2 West"

They take rap from me, I'm still getting money
I just bought a brick and I'm still looking hungry
Break it all down, might fry an onion
Ladder in the Glock, the energizer bunny
Cause it keep going, a hundred shot throwing
Might add more fake soda cause it's potent
Show me to the kitchen and I'ma do the dishes
My road to the ritches, was cooking up a chicken
n*gga I'm a menace, and no I'm not Dennis
Ride around Ack 47 in the engine
Must be doing something right, my name getting mentioned
The Feds try to not indict and hit me with a sentence
So I plead the 5th, and you can eat a di*k
Bring 32 grand if you need a brick
Call me at the office, if you need a shift
So you can take the offer, or speak to my clip
I got a big ego and a desert eagle
Diddy dirty money I ain't never get it legal
Organized crime better hit me with the RICO
I'm in the field with Rico, a trunk full of kilos
Bankroll hustle, talking all C Notes
The oils come back, like it got repo'd
Polo rugby, trey pound snubby
Coke in the water, watch it do the douggie
Hundred grand large, put it in the tucky
Glock 17, it cut like Chucky
Wizard of O Z's, no yellow road
I had one goal, and that was sell 'em whole
Ice in the freezer, bake in the panels
I turned my aunt's house, to the cooking channel
Stack on the ruler, I throw it in the pot
Kari Hilson watch the pretty girl rock
Na say go, he don't see stop
Sitting on this block, clip like a mop
One brick female, whiter than a seashell
Paid thirty but I made eighty off the retail
Murder say ride, I don't listen to the details
Lil n*gga's steal they don't kill like Ezal

These 7's cost a 7 a crack
I lose the work in the pot, the fork like a bike, pedal it back
sh*t when Meek was laying 2Pac Back, I was on that back block, trap crib, watching two pots of crack
n*gga, running round West Philly making hard sales
They mad cause I get it cheaper, than a yard sale
If I don't sign, 3 bricks had me situated
One strip and three youngings I demonstrate it
Last year I was broke, with a nut b*tch
This year we on top and I run sh*t
I wish a n*gga try plotting on some [?] sh*t
And catch 50 bullet wounds from a drum clip
8 hollow heads open him up, from where they grind on the block and keep the coke in the tuck
Selling hard white, all night, scratching the plate
Drought time is no question if they stretching with bake
You know, compact Mac mind, special my 8
My man down for a body, that's a helluva case
Who tell 'em to wait? Who got oils? Who selling it straight?
I need to draw early morn' you can call me at 8
Look, I take a block, make a stretch with a little cut
We doing good, watch the clientele build up
That dry kush got me dipping like I'm pilled up
Still up, still tucked, Mac 90 filled up
Only take me a minute to get to the point
Now a days no rap, n*ggas gripping a toy
Come where I be, they show you how I grip it and point
I was told one headshot will stiffin your joints, yeah
Every dollar I get, I try to stack it
Now a days n*ggas be clink, try to snatch it
Younging used to rumble, he grown, he got a ratchet
Shoot it in your face no rap, John Paxson
Nice with a 9, go to work with a 8
The four pound jump around like the work on a plate
Back then, going ham with the bud
Now I just chirp steady work call my man for the bud
Look, I used to do that block dumb, all night serving
If I throw it they recieve it like Mike Irving
You got your hand on the can but you not squirting
You got 62 grams but you not chirping

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